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Update 2’2019, just current contact information for now:

Markus at…


Caution: Horribly outdated content below! Someone needs to fix this page.

Picture of Markus GerstnerPersonal:

Markus ‘Alturiak’ Gerstner was born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1983 and lived there until the end of his alternative military service in April 2004. He then moved to Rendsburg, far in the north of Germany to live together with his girlfriend and to start studying electrical engineering at the CAU Kiel in fall 2004.
After about one year, he decided to quit his studies at the CAU and took up studying Information Technology at the Kiel Univesity of Applied Sciences.

In 10’2008, Markus achieved his B.Sc. followed by the “Master of Science” (M.Sc.) in 10’2010.


Beginning in 10’2010, Markus is working at the b+m Informatik GmbH in Kiel as a consultant with “secure communications” being his main field of work.

Markus at…
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